By now you have probably figured out that my new human mom and dad (hereafter just my mom and dad) named me Rita. Boy was I scared. They were new too me and they might hurt me, and I didn’t know where I could go or what was allowed and what was forbidden. So I just lay in a corner of the living room and didn’t move. My dad realized how scared and pathetic I was and he pointed to spot in front of the couch and snapped his fingers. I was pretty sure he wanted me to go there and lie down. So I did and he petted me. I started to relax just a little bit and I spent most of my first few days at that spot where I felt safe. Even today when I get worried about something I go lie down in front of the couch. It is a different couch, a different couch and even a different country. I will tell you about some of my adventures there in San Antonio, Texas one day. But for now let me just tell you about my new family, not my mom and dad; there will be plenty of time for that, but my new brother and sisters.

It happened this way. In the beginning there were cats, but no brother dog or sister dogs. Those cats can wait. Anyway, after a couple of years there in Texas (and you need to realize that for a dog that is more like a dozen years) my dad retired and my mom and dad both got itchy feet. To make a long story short, we moved to a small village in the state of Veracruz, Mexico. Now in Mexico there are quite a few stray dogs, and where we live quite a few people like dogs. But they are pretty poor and there are lots of puppies. The neighbors across the street and a little down the hill have about six dogs and then a bunch of puppies came, too many for them. So my mother said she would take a puppy and of course my dad was a hard sell. He is pretty gruff, but a lot of it is on the surface, so after a few days he got used to the idea and relented. That is how I came to have a little sister named Cosi. I know its a weird name, another story which I hope you don’t mind if I skip. So now I have to share my parents love with this Cosi thing, not easy at all. Probably a picture of Cosi wouldn’t hurt, so here it is.

Cosi my first new sister

Cosi, my first new sister.

Just when I thought maybe I could get used to this new interloper, who by now was bigger than me, a weird thing happened when my mom and dad went to Coatepec to buy a barbecue grill. They found a grill at the market but it was too heavy to carry to the car so my dad went to get the car and right then a lady with a little boy and a box opened up the box and dumped out a little puppy right at my mother’s feet. The little boy cried as she quickly walked away dragging him by his hand around the corner.

The poor little puppy didn’t know to do. She whimpered and walked over to a man who shooed it away. Then she walked over to one of the old mangy market dogs, who have no owners and survive by eating market garbage. He growled and snarled and the little puppy ran right to my mother’s feet. Just now my dad double parks with the car to load the grill, but instead my mom comes running to the car crying “we can’t just leave it to die” with the puppy in her arms. My dad said absolutely no but that soft spot gave way in the end.

That’s how I got my second sister, Happy. Here she is:

Sister Happy as a pup

Sister Happy as a pup

My dad named her Happy, because it was his birthday–like Happy Birthday yet another dog. Happy was a real pill, and my mom and dad swore she was the last. But then they got her house broken and we eased into a slightly bigger family. Happy got bigger, and was awfully cute, but totally full of mischief. She got bigger as you can see:

happy gets big (from flickr)

Happy gets big

Now its getting cold and sometimes there is a cold rain, and there appears this new stray dog in the streets. He was so skinny and weak and he wandered looking for food. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my mom sometimes puts food outside our gate on the street, so the skinny neighbor dogs and the strays don’t suffer so much. This poor dog had no hair and could only stagger. My mom and dad said he was going to die. My put a little extra food on the street that night and the next morning the poor skinny dog was curled up shivering just outside our gate. My mom said “we have to help him”. My dad said “NO MORE DOGS“. Finally they agreed to feed him and give him some worm medicine and if he survived they would try to find someone to adopt him. Sure! About a week after they started to help he looked like this:

Giacometti, skinny but better

Giacometti, skinny but better

It got really cold and Giaco was so thankful he was still alive. One very cold night my mom thought he would freeze — she brought him INSIDE the gate and covered him with a blanket. He lived, and when it rained one night they brought him inside the house. My dad said, hell no one will adopt him and he is a really nice guy. So they named him Giacometti and that is how I came to have a brother. Here is Giaco in a recent photo:

Giaco on a romp

Giaco on a romp

So now there are four of us dogs and my mom and dad. And of course there is Louie. He is a cat. But I’ll leave that story for another day.


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10 Responses to “Interlopers”

  1. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    Hi, Rita,
    I love your blog. I’ve read both entries and I find it vey interesting to read about how you feel about your life. I know it’s been hard adjusting to all the new family members, but you are very kind to them except at meal time and I am proud of you.

    I’d really like to hear something about your adventures in the country.

    Lots of love,

  2. rita314 Says:

    Oh thanks mom. It has been tough with all the new dogs, but your kind words will help to get me through it!
    Your loving daughter,

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    […] with Cosi or Happy, those are my younger sisters, two of the interlopers I told you about in a previous posting. And one day he tried to dance with Giaco, thats my Afghan brother, but since he is too big to pick […]

  4. Two Videos « Rita’s Dog Blog Says:

    […] me” post and the “I am Rita the dog” post and there is the one called “Interlopers” which is about my dog siblings. So you can’t say I haven’t tried. But some of […]

  5. nancy schutt Says:

    the kindness of humans to animals, even when you don’t know any of them- makes a difference. It was so heartening to see those pictures of abandoned dogs transformed into lovely, healthy, strong and confident creatures. So good of you to offer a home and loving kindness to what are now, your lucky dogs.
    been reading various blog entries on your site- gathering that you all live in Mexico now (or just Dad?)
    you’ve got to check out the giant Chihuahuas on the streets of Chihuahua- altho not near you, still, its Mexico.
    not the best art, but pretty hard to miss if you ever go there!
    and who knows? maybe any display of respect for dogs helps open a heart and promote another offering of kindness.
    enjoyed your blog.

  6. rita314 Says:

    Hi Nancy .. nah, my mom and dad and me and Cosi and Happy and Giaco (the interlopers) and Louie, he’s my cat brother all live here in Mexico. No giant Chihuahuas here, just little ones. One day maybe I’ll see those giant ones. My ma’s really responsible for taking in all those strays. Me I have to say I could do without them, but if you don’t adjust you won’t make it in this world. That’s the way I see it anyway.


  7. anahi Says:

    Rita, I just recently stumbled across your blog and I love it so much! Please kip it up!
    Your new fan… Anahi

  8. rita314 Says:

    Thanks for your message and encouragement, anahi.


  9. Carmen Says:

    Hola Rita,

    We are two Salukis in Heaven and read through our Mum’s eyes. Unfortunate creatures are given a chance to live thanks to compassionate people like your human parents and the loving hearts of you all. We love Giaco, he looks gorgeous –as you and all your kin do.

    Woof from us and meaow from our three kitty brothers.

    • rita314 Says:

      Hi Carmen. Thanks for passing on my blog to your two Salukis in Heaven. I hope they like it. As for me I’m still here struggling with this world. Giaco and I get along pretty well now. Cosi is my problem sib. Too jealous, and mean 😦 . I like to sleep close to Louie, he’s the cat. A special woof to your departed Salukis.

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