Dogs on the internet

When my dad introduced me to the internet I couldn’t have been less interested. But he was insistent and I always try to please, so I decided to try it. The first thing I found out is that paws and keyboards don’t work well together. Just when I was about to give up altogether I discovered that my nine year old claws, especially that exceptional one on my right front paw, can hunt and peck albeit awkwardly. So that encouraged me some. The mouse proved impossible, and I really wished it was a real mouse. My dad helped some when he showed me some keyboard shortcuts and after a week or so I was googling with the best of ’em.

Let me tell you I was disappointed because there are hardly any dogs on the internet. I searched for bitch and found some surprising hits, but actual dogs on the internet — they are few and far between. I tried to get my cousins in Texas to email me, but they wouldn’t. Then they got some human help and set up a flickr ID, but they haven’t uploaded a single picture. Might as well be dead. Hell, I have my own flickr ID.

Just when I was about to give up on the internet I discovered they at least had pictures of dogs out there. My dad called it dog art. You couldn’t smell them or anything, but at least you could see other dogs. And that’s how I got interested in dog art, and I’m hoping to share some of it here.

First there is Giaco’s (pronounced Jocko) namesake. Its this sculpture a guy named Giacometti made of a dog. His sculptures were all skinny and you may remember Giaco was so skinny my mom and dad thought he would starve to death, when they saved him and he became my brother. Here is a picture of the dog-sculpture that guy made:

Giacometti\'s 1951 dog sculpture

He made that sculpture back in 1951 and claims it is something of a self-portrait, which I don’t really get. Maybe he had low self esteem. He modeled it after a dog breed called Saluki or maybe Afgan, and that is exactly what Giaco is. Look at my previous post called ‘interlopers‘ if you want to see a picture of Giaco. That’s it for today folks. Have a good one!


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6 Responses to “Dogs on the internet”

  1. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    Hi, Rita — Interesting post, but I didn’t get to see the picture of Giaco’s namesake!

    I’ll be looking forward to more from you.

    Love, Mom

  2. rita314 Says:

    Yeah, something is wrong because the picture shows up sometimes but not others. You can right click on the picture title and select “view image” and see the picture, so the link to the .png is there. I am investigating this problem. Thanks again for commenting, mom. So far I think you are my only reader 😦

    Later: OK, I think I fixed it. The html looked OK, but now I made the picture smaller, converted it to .jpg, and moved it to a picassa album, and now it works .. go figure.

  3. Saaba Says:

    Rita, you make me laugh my head off!

  4. rita314 Says:

    Hi Saaba,

    I’m really glad you like my blog. Please stay tuned!


  5. nancy schutt Says:

    yes indeed the namesake is appropriate.
    and there are a bizillion dogs on the internet! meet some friends at, and once you find one lead, its endless.

  6. rita314 Says:

    Hi nancy,

    Thanks for your comment. You be pleased to learn now Giaco is downright plump. And I now know there are many dogs out there in virtual space, but all to many are fakes set up by their masters. I’m proud to report that I’m the real McCoy.


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