A dog’s lot

When it rains hard, with lots of thunder and lightning, I get really scared. I look for my dad and if he is sitting I lie on the floor under his legs. He makes me feel safe. He is my protection, my god to keep me safe.

He said people have gods too, and mostly those people try to lie down under His legs just like me with my dad, but sometimes He gets mad at them. Still, when I found this picture of a nice little dog, who happened to be with a naked old man and two naked women, I was surprised at just how angry God could get. It seems there were these two towns, several thousand years ago, called Sodom and Gomorrah and the people who lived there were really bad. My dad said the main bad thing they did was that the men slept with other men and God didn’t like that. I asked if they did it doggie style but he was not amused and didn’t even answer me. Apparently God got so mad he decided to kill all the people in those towns, even the kids and the women. I asked my dad if they were bad too. He said back then the women and kids were property of the men. Boy what a mean god. I was glad my protector wasn’t mean like that.

When I looked at the painting that had that cute little dog in it, I was surprised to see that naked lady pouring wine or something with no glass to catch it. Pretty weird, I thought. No, my dad said, the old guy whose name is Lot is really drinking wine out of that soup bowl and that lady is about to refill the bowl. It looked pretty full to me already, but who am I to question my dad’s word. After all, I’m just a dog.

My dad said the women were the man’s daughters and they were trying to get him drunk so he would have sex with them, and he did and made them both pregnant. What kind of man would do that? Oh, he was the only good man in those towns, that’s why god let him escape. Go figure, I’m just a dog.

The women thought their father, the guy named Lot, was the only man left alive and they the only women–so they had to have sex with their father or that would be the end of all humanity. That’s what my dad said. But weren’t there any other towns around full of men and women? Hey, it was a long time ago, how would I know, I’m just a man. That’s the only answer my dad gave.

Here is that picture. You can click on it to make it big. Off to the right you can see the town Sodom burning to the ground. God’s work. But don’t miss the cute little dog in the front. Look carefully, you will see a fox by the tree.

Lot and his daughters

Hendrick Goltzius-Lot and His Daughters-1616

The fox represents female cunning and the the dog “symbolises vigilance and warns against immoral conduct”. That’s what they said at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam where this painting lives.

My dad wanted me to point out, that if you click to enlarge the picture, you will see over near the burning town of Sodom what looks like a pillar of rock sticking up. That’s Lot’s wife. God turned her into a pillar of salt because she turned and looked back at the burning city! God had said not to do that, but she did it anyway. I guess it servers her right. My dad spanked me when I chewed up his shoe years ago after he said no. But then again, I’m still alive.

Your best friend,

Rita the dog


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3 Responses to “A dog’s lot”

  1. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    Rita, I have to say this is not the post of yours I like the best. First of all, for many people, homosexuality was not the big issue of the story: inhospitality, general sexual decadence, etc. were the issues for God. I believe pretty much only Christian fundamentalists believe homosexuality was the issue.

    Second, as far as the daughters go, you should view it first as an effort to continue human life, not “have sex” with one’s father. That’s altogether the wrong way to put.

    Love, mom

  2. rita314 Says:

    Thanks mom for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. I hope you don’t mind that as a dog I have a slightly different point of view on this story. To me, the most striking thing about it is how mean god was. He killed all those women and children. Whether it was because the men had bad sex or some other reason, I still think those women and children were innocent.

    And those daughters should have known their father was not the only man left alive.

    Your loving and respectful daughter,

  3. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    I wonder what happened to the dogs. Not to mention the cats, which is something I know doesn’t concern you much. Love, mom

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