Banksy’s Dogs

Chances are you’ve heard of that British artist named Banksy. He goes around London and other cities and paints weird pictures illegally as graffiti. The thing is, he’s a pretty good artist and his art is both funny and socially relevant. Usually. I figure he must like dogs, which is really ironic because I know lots of dogs that would bite him if he tried to paint on their wall. But the reason I think he actually has a thing for dogs is ’cause he puts dogs in some of his pictures. Here, see what I mean:

banksy cat and dog

Banksy–cat and dog

I haven’t been able to tell what is socially relevant about this picture, but as usual you have to click on it to really see it properly, and then maybe you can tell me. That cat at least had the good sense to paint a dog into the picture, watching him paint with his tail. Self-referential art, maybe. I like it pretty well, at least the dog, but I am just a little disappointed that Banksy would lower himself to the point of including a cat. Oh well.

Recently Banksy did it again. He painted another piece of dog-art. This time, there was a surveillance camera right there pointing at him while he painted! This showed remarkable legerdemain and derring-do. (My dad says that’s French going back to Chaucer–I think he’s kidding). Pure moxie, or as we dogs prefer (except Giaco of course), he’s got a lot o’ balls. So here it is poking fun at all those British folks who have turned 2008 into 1984:

more banksy dog art

Banksy — I hope that little kid doesn’t fall

I got this from katize’s blog and he got it from Daily Mail. So you wanted to see the surveillance camera pointing at them while they did this. Ok, you’ll just have to click on one of those links. Just be sure and come back!

–Rita, your faithful dog-art hound.


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2 Responses to “Banksy’s Dogs”

  1. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    Hi, Rita,
    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the fact that Banksy made the cat the artist and not the dog!
    Love, Mom

  2. rita314 Says:

    Hi Mom,

    Yeah, you’re absolutely right. I almost didn’t post that picture at all because of that. And btw I did get your previous message about cats. No way I’m gonna talk about cats in art. I’ll check with dad, maybe he will.

    Your loving senior daughter dog,

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