Find the Dog

This evening I am dog-tired, mostly because my mom and dad took us four dogs on another exciting walk on back roads south of Xico, of which there are many. It was hot but we found water in a cattle watering tank in a field so I didn’t get dehydrated, although I did get nudged in the rear by a curious cow when I wasn’t looking. Trying to keep up with my younger sisters is really a challenge, and I may have overdone it. My mom says I am really 10 years old now, not 9 as I thought and mentioned before. In human years that means I’m pushing 70, pretty old to be out there running with the upstarts. By the way, I’m thinking of expanding that Xico article on wikipedia. I bet I’ll be the first dog-author on wikipedia if I do. Don’t tell anyone or they might not let me.

So, on account of my tiredness I will just show you one picture, and your job is to find the dog in the picture. Most humans have a hard time, but for me, being a dog, it was VERY easy. You might need to click on the picture to enlarge it. My dad says he got this image somewhere on the internet back in 2001 (because that is the date on the picture), but he doesn’t remember where. Here it is:

Find the dog

So I hope that wasn’t too hard and maybe amused you a little.

Till next time, I am yours truly,

Rita the dog


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4 Responses to “Find the Dog”

  1. greg fox Says:

    did you know that the dog in ” find the dog “, is also rin tin tin? Enlarge the photo and you can see.

  2. kayleigh Says:

    i found it it has got pointy ears

    • rita314 Says:

      Yup. You found it. I’m glad you didn’t give away the location.
      I’ve got another pic for “find the cat”. If I can locate it I’ll post in one day.
      Rita the dog.

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