Old Dogs

In my ever-growing collection of dog-art are a few photographs, some quite old. It is a motley lot all of which came from the internet, some years ago and some more recently. You can see them all here today. The first was posted to usenet and is anonymous. All I know is the file name which appears under the photo. Possibly it is in France and would appear to be quite old. The people look really happy and just slightly mischievous to pose with their dog. Here it is:



The next photo dates to 1852 and is from some archive in California.

Dog owned by Sheldon Nichols -- 1852

Dog owned by Sheldon Nichols — 1852

Click on the image to see it bigger (and better).

The next image dates to 1925 and the dog is perhaps the original movie dog, Rin Tin Tin. I snagged in from a family archive. Here it is:

Edward A. Bellande with Rin Tin Tin -- 1925

Edward A. Bellande with Rin Tin Tin — 1925

Next is an image of a dog named Bum about to get a doughnut. This image comes from the San Diego Historical Society and dates to the year 1900.

Bum bums -- 1900

Bum bums — 1900

The next photo dates to 1910 and shows dogs on the deck of the Roosevelt, which was the boat of Peary’s North Pole expedition. It came from the book by Robert E. Peary called, The North Pole — Its Discovery in 1909 under the auspices of the Peary Arctic Club, which is available online from the Gutenberg Project, here.

North Pole Dogs

Scene on the Roosevelt — 1910

Apparently 100’s of dogs went on that expedition. I don’t know how many returned nor how many (if any) got eaten.

Next comes an early photo of the Dutch photographer Richard Tepe (1864-1952) who posthumously became a prominent figure in Dutch nature photography. This photo is supposed to date to the year 1900 (dogs have their doubts).

Man with Dog

Man with Dog–Richard Tepe–1900

As usual click on the image to see it better, i.e. larger.

Next is a photo by German born fashion photographer, Helmut Newton (1920-2004), known for fashion and nudes illustrating themes of mass media, glamor, sex, and theater. This image smacks of California but is actually Miami, Florida, dating to 1992. Enjoy this strange picture which came from usenet:

Miami scene--by Helmut Newton--1992

A Scene in Miami–Helmut Newton–1992

Last comes a contemporary photo by the Russian photographer Gregori Maiofis who was born in 1970 in St. Petersburg. The image itself comes from the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, California where you can find more art photography. Here is the photo:


Gregori Maiofis–adversity makes strange bedfellows–2005-2006

I’m not completely sure the ‘bedfellow’ is a dog — but close enough for this cur.

I am, as usual, yours truly,

Rita the dog


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7 Responses to “Old Dogs”

  1. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    Well, Rita, I am glad to see you are back to your old self (heh heh, pun intended) (but then you could say the same about me). You’ve really put together a very interesting selection of dog photos here! Do you have a favorite? I wonder which is dad’s favorite!

    Love, Mom

  2. rita314 Says:

    Hi Ma, thanks for commenting again. Your my best fan! I’m glad you liked the pics. I think they are pretty interesting myself. Dad told me he liked the Miami pic best. I know for sure he clicked on it to make it big 🙂 . As for me I think Mr. Sheldon’s mid-nineteenth century dog had it pretty good.

    Love, Rita

  3. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    Well I kinda knew the Miami pic would be his favorite. Sheldon’d dog was really cute, too. I’ll join you on that one.

    Love, Mom

  4. Bridget Says:

    Dear Rita, where are you and your blog hiding?
    Thanks for the nice collection of interesting old photos. I hope you’ll show more in the future!

    • rita314 Says:

      Thank you for the comment, Bridget. My Oaktown bro says I am too lazy to have a blog. Probably he is right. I’m hoping for a burst of energy soon.

      Your best friend,
      Rita the dog

  5. Ann Elwood Says:

    I love this blog, particularly the first photo. I’m looking for a photo of a young Rin-Tin-Tin.http://rintintinthefirst.wordpress.com.

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