Dog Portraits

In my increasingly vast collection of dog-art there are only about 80 images that might be called “dog portraits”. The rest have dogs, to use movie terminology, as extras. Today I will share with you some of the portraits. The first is by French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841–1919), whose self-portrait when he was about 35 years old is just below:

Renoir self-portrait 1875
Renoir–Self-Portrait–about 1875


Now Renoir painted lots of things, but I’ll bet you didn’t know he painted a portrait of a dog. Here it is:

Head of a Dog -- Renoir -- 1870
Renoir–Head of a Dog–1870 (big)


Next is an etching done by Simon de Vlieger (1601-1653), a seventeenth century Dutch designer, draughtsman, and painter, most famous for his marine paintings. Although this etching is called “Two Greyhounds” there is a third pooch in the background who looks a little like me.

Simon de Vlieger--Two Greyhounds--1610
Simon de Vlieger–Two Greyhounds–1610 (big)


The next dog-art image is by Gerrit Dou (1613-1675), master Dutch painter in the age of Rembrandt. In fact, at age 15 he became Rembrandt’s first pupil, at a time when Rembrandt himself was still a teenager. His fame was certainly due to his own achievements, his meticulous technique and his illusionistic effects. Here is one of his self-portraits:

Gerrit Dou -- self-portraitGerrit Dou–self-portrait–no date


And here is the beautiful painting of a sleeping dog that Gerrit Dou created in 1650:

A Sleeping Dog Beside a Terracotta Jug, a Basket, and a Pile of Kindling Wood--Gerrit Dou--1650Gerrit Dou–A Sleeping Dog–1650 (big)


Moving forward in time to the nineteenth century, we come to the French artist Nicolas Toussaint Charlet (1792-1845), known especially for his numerous (over 2000) lithographs, many of military subjects. He also did water-colors, sepia-drawings, numerous oil sketches — and this wonderful portrait of a dog:

Nicolas Toussaint Charlet--Head of a Dog--1820Nicolas Toussaint Charlet–Head of a Dog–1820 (big)


For your last dog-art treat of the day I have selected an engraving of the nineteenth century English artist, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873), who is well known for paintings of dogs and other animals. Click here to read more about him in what is a pretty interesting article in wikipedia. Here is the picture:

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer--The Twa Dogs--1858Sir Edwin Henry Landseer–The Twa Dogs–1858 (big)


I am, as usual, yours truly,

Rita the dog


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12 Responses to “Dog Portraits”

  1. Cascada Says:

    Rita’s Dog Blog…

    Cascada will no longer have dog art. All dog art will be on Rita’s dog blog….

  2. helena Says:

    your draws are amazing!

  3. rita314 Says:

    Thank you, Helena!

  4. Darmendar Says:

    Hi Rita,

    Really enjoyed your site. Amazing.

  5. Shlomit Says:

    Dear Rita,
    Could you please tell me in which collection/museum can one find the simon de Vlieger’s etching of the dogs I might need to borrow them for a coming exhibition in Jerusalem

    Many thanks,


    • rita314 Says:

      Hello Shlomit,

      I wish I knew the answer to your question, but unfortunately I do not. In fact I don’t even remember where I got this copy of de Vlieger’s wonderful etching ..

      Yours faithfully,

      Rita the dog

  6. Mary Says:

    Hello, Rita – These are lovely portraits. The Two Greyhounds caught my eye as I am opening my tea room for ‘dogs’, Irish Ian’s Kettle, named after my dear rescued greyhound, Irish Ian. It is located in the small, two-room country town hall great-grandfather saved (it was old, going to be torn down, and replaced) and moved to our property. Ian was a red brindle – very sweet, gentle, and much loved. A photo of him is on Facebook, Irish Ian’s Kettle. Unfortunately, because of health issues I had to put him to sleep last summer. Take care, Mary

    • rita314 Says:

      Hi Mary, Sorry about Ian. It sounds like you loved him very much. A tea room will be a nice place to reflect on things. I will see if I can find his picture on Facebook.

      Your friend,

  7. Amanda gourley Says:

    hi i really like your paintings my favourite one was the cute dog sleeping beside the terracotta jug it is really cute just like the other dog paintings. My class is a special class called vac and we do lots and lots of drawings and paintings. On thursdays we have VAP that is when the fun part in school is it is drawing and painting thats my favourite part of the day. I have to dogs

  8. Amanda gourley Says:

    thoses are totally pawesome!!!

  9. rita314 Says:

    Thanks for your comments, Amanda. Good luck on your class.
    Rita the dog

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