My Dad’s Dog Art

Some of you may know that my dad also has a blog. It is called Cascada, which is kind of funny because he had no clue there was a female rock singer named Cascada, and so most of the hits he gets are from people looking for “Cascada naked”. I guess he called it Cascada because that is the Spanish word for waterfalls and we have a view of beautiful waterfalls from our front window.

Anyway, when I told him I was starting this blog and I wanted to do all the doggy stuff here, including the dog art, he was OK with it. In fact he said he would help me. So this little post is just to let you know that in the future all dog art will be here and not in Cascada.

But the past cannot be changed, so if you want the complete picture, you can check out the the two dog art posts over on my dad’s blog. The first is called “cascada post 24: Dog Art” and you can see it by clicking here. The second post over on my dad’s blog about dog art is called simply “More Dog Art” and you can see it by clicking here.

So that’s it. All future dog art posts will be in this blog and not in Cascada.

All the best.

Rita the dog.


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