Two Videos

Context is everything. Surely this is some famous aphorism or something. Here you are, reading a dog’s blog (haven’t you anything better to do?), and you have very little idea about me or my life or my brothers and sisters. Yes there is that “about me” post and the “I am Rita the dog” post and there is the one called “Interlopers” which is about my dog siblings. So you can’t say I haven’t tried. But some of you are here just for the “dog art”, which is really a shame, since dogs are more important than art just as human lives are more important than art. And no art can convey the complexities and the subtleties of life. Art pales in the face of life. (Since I am a dog I should be able to slobber platitudes at will). Even more: I would never, ever, choose to be a human rather than a dog. For one thing you can’t smell. The entire world of art, the entire human visual world is a paltry smudge in comparison to the vastness and richness of my olfactory world. I know; I know. I shouldn’t talk down to my audience. Well perhaps you are the one human who realizes that the single greatest shortcoming of your human race is its olfactory deficit. I have seen humans walking their leashed dogs, pull them away from Picasso’s and Vermeer’s left by other dogs for them to find. I rest my case.

That said, I really feel no need to apologize that I know absolutely nothing about making videos. Neither my mom nor my dad do either. My dad told me there was an early twentieth century playwright, or maybe it was a director who so valued stage sets and ambiance that he put various odors on stage and in the theater to add some sense of reality to the show. That is a step in the right direction, but humans can’t really smell enough for it to make a difference. George Orwell (I bet you didn’t know his real name was Eric Arthur Blair) in 1949 wrote his prophetic book 1984, in which entertainment included both feelies and smellies — my dad told me — but I don’t remember the details. It didn’t come to pass. And then there was the woman, a performance artist, whose own nude body was the exhibit, the art for viewers to interact with. That was back in the 1960’s or 1970’s, before my time. I’ll let you be the judge whether that was a step in the right direction.

So, if you are to know me better, then here I am, naked and red as the day I was born:

me--Rita the dog

me–Rita the dog (big)

And here, should you want to understand the context of my life a little better, here are two silent videos of my siblings, including Louie, my feline sibling who I have heretofore not mentioned.

Cosi wants Louie


Giaco and Happy

Your faithful servant,

Rita the dog


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3 Responses to “Two Videos”

  1. Esther (mom) Buddenhagen Says:

    Hi, Rita,
    I loved your videos and your comments were very interesting. I’m glad in your life you get lots of opportunity to smell great works of art. I just hope you remember though that one dog’s poop is another man’s poison. Well…that doesn’t quite sound right, but you get my meaning. Some humans think that Picasso’s paintings smell to high heaven, and some dogs pee on Henry Moore’s sculptures.

    I think I’ll stop. I’m getting in a bit of a mess here.

    Love, Mom

  2. Sharon Says:

    Dear Rita —
    I do hope you’re feeling better since that cow-water incident. My Rita suggests you try flowerpot-water instead; she says it leaves a lovely grit in one’s mouth.
    I was wondering: could you ask your Dad to include **you** in a future video? Maybe you at the computer, composing your insightful blogs? Loved the entry on Tessalations (you taught me something with that one), and was amused by the Tharpe family. I live in the same state as that Tharpe family, so I’m pretty accustomed to seeing folks like that. They’re good folk, mostly. You got to watch out for the ones that carry rifles, though. Definitely.
    Because of your great blogs, my Rita was considering one of her own to chronicle her wildlife sightings. But we decided it would get quite monotonous: saw a box turtle. Wanted to eat it. Dad wouldn’t let me. / Saw a black snake. Wanted to eat it. Dad wouldn’t let me. / Got a tick. Ate it. / Smelled a rabbit a good distance away. Wanted to eat it….. You get the picture.
    Have a happy July, and keep posting.

  3. rita314 Says:

    Hi Sharon. Thanks for writing again. I have been away from the internet for ages, but am thinking to return. Sorry I’m really camera shy. I’m flattered that you would want to see me, though. Tell your Rita ‘hi’ and I wish I could meet her. Sounds to me like she could have a nice blog .. I tried to eat a dragonfly yesterday .. but my dad wouldn’t let me.


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