Red Dog

By now you may well know that I am a red dog. In my previous post you saw my picture, so you must know. There are some red dogs in art and today you get to see my favorite. It is by bay-area painter, Nathan Oliveira, who was born in Oakland, California and will turn 80 years old this year. Here it is:

Nathan Oliveira -- Red Dog -- 2000

Nathan Oliveira — Red Dog — 2000 (big)

Of course by now you know that if you want to see it properly you need to click on the word ‘big’ under the picture. Now that’s a dog!

Yours as usual,

Rita the dog


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4 Responses to “Red Dog”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hi, Rita. I visit your site frequently because I really like your postings. I was thinking — today’s art was “Red Dog.” There’s another artist from Louisiana whose work is “Blue Dog.” “Black Dog” used to be a popular song several years back by a group called Led Zeppelin. And if you follow politics (which I don’t recommend), you’ll hear some folks use the phrase “Yellow Dog Democrats.” Hmmm. I guess the next big thing with the nation’s current interest in environmental issues has got to be “Green Dog,” right?

  2. rita314 Says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for writing. I’m really happy you read my blog, but some days I like to sleep a lot and don’t post anything. I’ve seen those blue dogs but not heard the ‘Black Dog’. My mom talks about “Yellow Dog Democrats”. I think she is one! But somehow I’m red. I have some green and purple dogs too. But the green ones were green before green was in. Stay tuned and I’ll soon post some more colorful dog art.

    Rita the dog

  3. targetinteriors Says:

    I find Nathon’s work
    provocative and profound
    it moves me deeply

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