The Incredible Lightness of Being

When I was a young dog I used to dream of flying. Birds soar. Dogs run. Wouldn’t it be nice if dogs could soar? I tried it once, long ago. It was in a park in San Antonio where my mom and dad used to walk with me and let me run. No interlopers back then. Just me, the top dog, the only dog. I used to love to run there and once in a while chase a squirrel. Those were the days: young, strong, happy. I felt like I could fly. On one side was the a bank of the dry river that only flowed when there were cloudbursts, which there certainly were back in San Antonio.

One day at the edge of the park I was so anxious to run that they let me loose early Grinning Cheshire cat, by Tenniel, for 1866 Alice in wonderland, by Lewis Carrolland I glimpsed a cat on the top of that 10 foot bank. I ran like the wind after it. Mom and dad walked as usual down the path, across the dry river bed, and on to the grass on the other side. Just when I was closing in on that cat, it darted and jumped and disappeared. Its scent was still wafting in the air. The game was up. I knew it was grinning somewhere, just out of sight.

Just then I heard my mom and dad calling me, “Rita! Rita! Rita come!”. So I turned and saw them in the distance on the grass. I was pumped and decided to run to them as fast as I could. I ran and ran toward them, totally forgetting there was a 10 foot drop just ahead, which I glimpsed at the very moment that I took off. I soared, I flew, and I felt grand. Oh, my God, dogs can fly! But just a few seconds and maybe 15 aerial feet later ecstasy turned to panic as I noticed the ground was moving up fast and it was going hit me.

Thud! I blacked out for a few seconds and then pain everywhere. I couldn’t move or get up or even breath. I could hear my dad saying as if through a fog: “She’s really hurt. She might die. I don’t believe she did that”. Then my mom said, “Quick, get the car. She can’t walk”. So my dad got the car and they carried me to it and drove me straight to the vet. By now I could breath OK but the pain was still intense. The vet examined me carefully and said it was impossible to tell if I had internal injuries, but I didn’t appear to have any broken bones. They took me home and kept me quiet and pretty soon I got better and could walk again. I limped for weeks, but gradually made a full recovery.

Now, when I feel high, like I want to fly, I just find some dog art I like and gaze. Here are three pictures I like when I feel that way. The first is for my uncle John, he is my human uncle and he lives in Alaska with his dog Duchess. You can see her picture on my flickr page. He’s a big fan of that dog sled race they have every year in Alaska. It’s called the Iditarod and it’s over 1150 miles long. The dogs that do all the work are truly incredible. Anyway, this painting makes me think of them. It was done in 1892 by Frederick Remington, an American Painter and Sculptor who lived from 1861 to 1909.

Huskie Dogs on the Frozen Highway

Huskie Dogs on the Frozen Highway (aka Talking Musquash)–Frederic Remington–1892 (big)

The next picture looks more like a happy dog jumping in the summer sunshine. It is called Jumping Dog ‘Schlick’ and was done by German artist Franz Marc (1880 – 1916) in 1908, eight years before his tragic death in world war I. Here is the picture, of a happy dog I like:

Jumping Dog 'Schlick' -- Franz Marc--1908

Jumping Dog-‘Schlick’–Franz Marc–1908 (big)

The final picture for today is my dream. It is by the contemporary surrealist painter, Samuel Barrera, who is from Merida, Mexico. You can learn more about this artist and his work by clicking here.

Samuel Barrera--Didio Leaving

Samuel Barrera–Didio Leaving

Your best friend,

Rita the dog


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2 Responses to “The Incredible Lightness of Being”

  1. Samuel Barrera Says:

    Rita, I have painted another pieces with Didio on it, how can I send them to you for your blog?

    • rita314 Says:

      Samuel, I would be delighted to have another picture of Didio. I will send you my email address and you can email it to me.
      Saludos, Rita

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