Falling off the Wagon

Five months is a long time on the wagon.  There was no doubt I was an addict.  Any dog who spends upwards of 5 hours a day on the Internet is an addict.  Funny thing was, climbing on that wagon was nothing.  I just woke up one day with a total Internet aversion.  Even the idea of it made me nauseous.  Course the carbuncle I had on my tail was part of it.  Hurt every time I sat on the stool and tried my snagle-claw hunt and peck at the keyboard.  My dad wanted to take a picture of it.  What kind of taste is that.  No way.  A lady who seems real nice wants to see video of me at the keyboard.  Oh ye of little faith.  So I had a tail operation and here I am five months later rearing and ready to go — but not without guilt for slipping so smoothly off that bumpy wagon.

I have to admit that I have had a short spell answering questions over on Yahoo!Answers.  Some guy thought my avatar looked like a red bear.  And a lady said I should see a shrink, and the sooner the better.  I’m not sure she even believed I was a dog.  No dog-shrinks around here anyway.

So here it is, a few dog art treats for you today.  Sorry, I can’t remember where they came from.

1872 expression

1872 expression

1872 expression, pic 2

1872 expression, pic 2

1872 expression, pic 3

1872 expression, pic 3

1872 expression, pic 4

1872 expression, pic 4

1872 expression, pic 5

1872 expression, pic 5

That’s it for today.  Welcome back to my blog.

Your best friend,

Rita the dog


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9 Responses to “Falling off the Wagon”

  1. Esther/mom Says:

    I’m so bad you’re back to blogging. You’re a natural at it, you know, and it is a far better thing to do than lick your paw till you get a sore, a habit we haven’t been able to get you to stop in all your years. Why, it was easier to get you to stop blogging than to stop licking, and I’m sure the former is much more pleasant.
    I’ll look forward to more posts really soon. And more art.
    Love, Mom

  2. rita314 Says:

    Hi Ma, I guess you mean glad. That’s a pretty bad slip. The pleasure of licking my paw should not be underestimated. It’s clear you haven’t tried it. Hopefully there will be more to come. Thanks for your comment.
    I love you so much,

  3. Esther/mom Says:

    yes indeed I did mean glad. DOing all this indexing in such a short time mean’s I’m feeling like being rebellious or something. Hmm. I guess I can’t edit. I have to tell you, I can’t imagine liking to lick your paw. Nonetheless, I love you so much, too.

  4. OaktownLangston Says:

    Thank you, Rita. How’d you send that if you’re a dog? I hope your tail feels better. Did they cut your sore off with a knife? Did it hurt – probably did. Did they give you sleeping gas? I hope we can come to your house soon. Did you get to save your owie in a jar? I have a loose tooth. Thanks for the microscope. see you soon.

  5. rita314 Says:

    Hi OaktownLangston,

    Thanks for your comment. I hope you had a nice birthday. Now all you need is some pond scum. Yes, I’m a dog, but my dad says I’m the smartest dog in the world and I explained some of how I do stuff on the Internet in this earlier post:
    but, when things are too tough for me my dad helps. Yup, they put me under to operate on my tail. Got quite a few stitches too. Didn’t hurt till later, and then when it started to heal it itched a lot. Boy, I sure hope you can come and visit. That would be great. Nope, doc threw my owie away. Just as well, now I’m all better!.

    Good luck with that tooth. I’ll pass the thank you on to my dad.

  6. Sharon Felton Says:

    Rita, oh Rita–so very glad you’re back! I was afraid you had given up the ghost / gone to k9 heaven. I wrote to your mom back in, oh, September or so and she said you’d be back. (I too have visited Yahoo Answers and am nearing my promotion to Level 3, with ~38% best answers).
    My Blazer has a licking problem too because he picks up a lot of burrs / stick-tights (or, as we say, he has a liquor problem: ask your dad to explain that to you). When his annoyed places get really bad, he has to wear a satellite dish over his head for a day or two, and that’s apparently even worse than not being able to nibble. Tell your dad that some pet supply stores have a bitter tasting medicine he could swab on (you won’t like the taste).
    Anyhoo, good to hear from you again and to see the dog art.
    –Your favorite Tennessee friend

  7. rita314 Says:

    Hi Sharon, I’m glad your back to read my weird stuff! Don’t let that Yahoo!Answers eat up all your time. I like to lick my foot although it does get sore, so I’m not inclined to tell my dad about anything bitter. Trouble is he will probably see your comment anyway. Grrr! Stay tuned for more dog art I hope.
    Your tail wagging friend,

  8. CB Predator Says:

    amazing webpage! Tom

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