Vicious Attack

Yesterday was a bad day.  Maybe it was day before.  The days tend to run together when you’re an older dog.  My younger sister Cosi, who is both strong and pretty, sweet and vicious, attacked me without provocation.  I was like the little white dog in this 1924 illustration by Gustaf Tenggren, in “The Good Dog Book”

Gustaf Tenggren--from The Good Dog Book--1924

Gustaf Tenggren--from The Good Dog Book--1924


I didn’t do anything, she just attacked.  She is so deceptively sweet.  She looks just like this:

Dream-runner-Stella Looks just like Cosi

Dream-runner-Stella Looks just like Cosi

(This wonderful picture taken from a post called “Dream Runner”in a blog called “Dog Virgin Diaries“)

Check out those teeth and those strong jaws.  Not sweet digging into your flesh.  Well I was lucky because my mom was right there to save me.  Ever since I try to get under my daddys legs for safety — or hide in the ‘green room’ which is my parents easy-speak for the back poarch/storeroom.  My dad isn’t too happy that his beloved books are relegated to the dog-overflow room.  But that’s the way it is and we all have to accept some things we’d rather not.

Things could be worse.  The good old days were no better.  Check this out from 1898 where they shot dogs with bows and arrows for sport.  Michael Vick don’t get any ideas.

Archery with the Yumi Shooting a Dog -- Chikanobu--1898

Archery with the Yumi Shooting a Dog -- Chikanobu--1898


This blogging software is frustrating me today, so let me end with a new take on a red dog, like me.  Here it is:

Georg Grosz--Suicide--1916

Georg Grosz--Suicide--1916


George Grosz (1893-1959) was a German artist, whose art was often critical of the Germany of his day.  He was drafted into the German army in 1914 and after his experiences in the trenches developed a  loathing for German society  savagely reflected as satirical paintings and drawings that in his words expressed ‘despair, hate and disillusionment’.  This painting is surely no exception, for we see a dead body, a prostitute, and dogs roaming around the scene.

With a little luck, and if Cosi, my sister,  stays at bay, my next post may be more upbeat.

Have a good day.

Rita the dog


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16 Responses to “Vicious Attack”

  1. Esther/mom Says:

    Dear Rita,
    You sound down in the dumps after that attack! It hasn’t been a good week, has it, what with the cohetes (those fire-cracker bombs) booming at night, too, which you hate and get so trembly over.

    I’m proud that you still managed to put together this very interesting if somewhat grim collection of dog art. From an arty point of view, i liked the triptych (is it Chinese?) best, but I feel sad seeing dogs get attacked. So I guess I like best the photo with the dog that looks so much like Cosi. When I scrolled down to it, I thought it was Cosi again, even though I knew better.

    Have to go now. Speak of the devil(s), Cosi and Happy are dragging things in from the balcón. It seems Cosi managed to bury a bone in one of the pots!

    Love, mom

  2. rita314 Says:

    Hi Ma,

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, life is tough sometimes. Cosi knows she is stronger than me, and she is just not nice sometimes. That triptych is Japanese (as you will see if you hover your mouse pointer over it as if to click it to make it larger).

    I know we dogs are a trial for you and dad sometimes, but we really do love you so much.

    Your faithful daughter,

  3. Sula Says:

    Hello Rita,

    I’m so sorry about the bite. I know how much it can hurt as I myself got bit in the snout recently. But when you have a long nose like me, it’s an easy target.

    Thank you for showing the world my picture! This photo of me sleeping was actually chosen for a Greyhound Calendar and I am officially Ms. July 2009. Hot stuff!

    I love your blog and the artwork is beautiful. It looks like a couple of Greyhounds on top?

    Feel better, Rita.

    Stella (as featured in Dog Virgin Diaries:

  4. rita314 Says:

    Oh, Stella, I am SO happy that you wrote! And what a nice message too! You are the first REAL dog to leave a message on my blog and it really makes my tail wag. I apologize for using your picture without asking you first, but it looked so much like my sister that I thought it was her. But you seem real nice and she has a mean streak.

    Congratulations on that calender thing. Ms. July. That’s a pretty big deal.

    Lets keep in touch!

    Your friend,


  5. Moira Says:

    Rita, I am so sorry to hear about your attack. Sibling rivalry can be very intense..ask Cain (or Able?)

    I am glad you are back at the computer blogging and sharing your wonderful dog art. I featured your post about Richard Brazier on my blog today…

    I have never heard of him. Great find!

    Happy New Year!

    Dog Art Today

  6. Cathy Santarsiero Says:

    Yikes…and ouch! Hope you are feeling better after the fur went flying. There there, pat, pat.

    OH! And Happy New Year!

  7. Sula Says:

    Hello Rita,

    How are you feeling? I wanted to check in before 2008 came to a close. Thinking of you!



  8. rita314 Says:

    Thanks Moira! I’m pretty much back to normal now .. and careful not to annoy that touchy sister of mine. I agree the Richard Brazier pic is quite interesting, thanks for the link back.

    Your dog-art friend,

  9. rita314 Says:

    Hey Stella, thanks for checking in. I’m doing just fine. Mosly my feelings and pride were hurt. But I was sore for a few days. I saw a greyhound calendar a few days ago, but you weren’t in it, which made me sad.
    Your friend,

  10. rita314 Says:

    Thanks for the comment Cathy Santarsiero, and welcome to my blog. I am all well now, but much more careful around my hyper-sensitive sister, Cosi. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  11. Sula Says:

    Hi Rita,

    I got bit yesterday. Ugh! It’s on the blog:


  12. rita314 Says:

    Hi Stella,
    Sorry to hear about your bite. I saw the picture of it on the blog. Looks nasty. Get well soon!
    Your friend,

  13. Joanna Richardson Says:

    Very interesting dogs blog, I love dogs as much as you do, and I cant wait to share with you guys my training dogs discoveries and new techniques.

    lets keep loving dogs as much as we do!


  14. Niki Jensen Says:

    Arky, Arky, I am Bailando and I am a Deer Chihuahua, Mom says that is not the same thing as being an Italian Greyhound or Greyhound but I don’t think she can be right since everyone always asks if I am a Greyhound of some kind and have fawn brindle fur and gold eyes and really long legs and no one can catch me when I run. Mom says strange thing about Siberia when she catches up with me that don’t make sense and then carries me home which was the whole point of the game after all. I got attacked by a Whippet/Pittie mix and she threw me to the ground and tried to take my leg of but I tore my collar off and Grandma held her off and Mom ran after me when I ran a quarter of a mile on my three good legs. I think that Jasmine was not well in her head and maybe needed to go somewhere safer for her own good. I got better though and am okay now and even made it through a car accident where I went out the window which was very scary. Mom was all bloody and we got to ride in an ambulance to the hospital and I stayed with her in the warm blankets until we could get to my vet. I love to look at art with Mom even if it is of things like dogs fighting because Mom tells me what they are about and when they were painted and why and that they are not real, so I am not scared.

  15. rita314 Says:

    Thank you for the testimonial, Bailando (or is it Niki?) and welcome to my blog. Only I haven’t posted anything for a very long time. May I’ll work up some energy and start again.

    Rita the dog

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