Advertisements without my permission

Not everything improves with time. Now wordpress inserts advertisements within my blog. I wish to state unequivocally that I do not endorse, nor will I purchase any product that I see advertised in my blog.

Furthermore, these advertisements appear without my permission.

Please join me in not buying products you see advertised here. Thank you.

Rita the dog. [ignore video ad, if any, immediately below]


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6 Responses to “Advertisements without my permission”

  1. buddenbooks Says:

    fantastic, Rita I hope that Tennessee, Langston, Ayla, Gideon, Luca and Sebastian see this. I think I would send them a special email.

  2. buddenbooks Says:

    Above comment is to the blog post NOT the ads without my permission. to be blunt the ads suck.

    • rita314 Says:

      Yes, the ads suck, especially because they sometimes look like something I put in the blog, which is NOT the case. I have started the habit of putting “[ignore video ad, if any, immediately below]” immediately after my signature “Rita the dog”.

  3. kris Says:

    Rita does this mean that you have a credit card? a good topic for your next blog could be “credit ratings for dogs”

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