Back from the dead

Well, not dead but for 3 years blissfully retired from blogging.  In dog-years that is about 20 of your human years, which has allowed me to get old and deaf, but fortunately neither decrepit nor too senile (I hope) to give it another shot.  There will be this change:  less text, more pictures, and no restrictions to dog art.  Of course dogs and art will be a common topic, but for me blogging is work, and if I must work it has to be something I like, which simply means I will blog about whatever strikes my fancy at the moment.

First off, there is this ambiguity of the phrase “dog art” which is usually parsed as art made by humans in which dogs are the subject of the art, or perhaps just are there tangentially in the artwork.  I wanted to call your attention to an alternate parsing of that phrase:  art created by dogs.  Lest you think that this is yet another ramble about the null-set, let me call your attention to a dog named “TILLAMOOK CHEDDAR”  who is a real artist.  Back in the year 2000 she looked like this:

tillie in year 2000

Tillie — a real dog artist (c. 2000)

Maybe she has expired or just gotten old like me (I’m now 14 years old) but up at least till 2010 Tillie was still an active artist.  From her website  “Widely regarded as the world’s preeminent canine artist, she has had twenty solo exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe”.

I say:  hang in there Tillie, and keep on doing art!

Have a great day,

Rita the dog   [ignore video ad, if any, immediately below]


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3 Responses to “Back from the dead”

  1. buddenbooks Says:

    Hi Rita, I’m really glad you’re blogging again. Please put YOUR picture up since even though you are getting on in years you are still VERY pretty and none of your wrinkles show!

    • rita314 Says:

      Hi Ma. Thanks for your comment. I will put up my picture. At your request!
      Love, Rita (your best and oldest dog).

      • buddenbooks Says:

        i always love to get your replies, Rita. You are such an intelligent and articulate and witty dog. Love, Mah (your best and oldest ma)

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