The Polka Dot Queen

Her name is Yayoi Kusama and if she didn’t invent polka dots she may as well have. Sample art:

Japanese artist:  YAYOI KUSAMA--dotted pumpkin--2010

YAYOI KUSAMA–dotted pumpkin–2010

Born in 1929 she ain’t no spring chicken.  If she were, my sister Cosi would definitely be chasing after her.

I think she liked nudity and installations, for example:


You might not think she is a dog artist, but she is, at the TATE no less:

Yayoi Kusama -- Polka Dot Dog 1

Yayoi Kusama — Polka Dot Dog 1 — At TATE

And here is another:

Another Yayoi Kusama dog

Another Yayoi Kusama dog 

Now here is the thing that makes me know she is not your everyday customer:  She offered to sleep with Richard Nixon if he would end the Vietnam war!

Bet you didn’t know that.

Your best friend,

Rita the dog [ignore video ad, if any, immediately below]


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