About me

My name is Rita and I am a dog. This blog is about me and the dogs and people in my life. It is also about dog art. Please read my first post to learn more.


27 Responses to “About me”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Dear Rita —
    On a rainy Saturday morning, I happened upon your blog, and I am delighted to read it. I am the mom of another lovely found dog named Rita, who is — presumably — a black and tan coonhound. My Rita appeared shortly after the big Hurricane Rita, and she is understandably frightened, as you seem to be, of thunderstorms and lightning. A big thank you to you for sharing your educational dog art, and an even bigger thank you to your mom and dad for bringing you and your siblings into their home. (They sound like REALLY great parents!). I’ll give your best both to my Rita and to her found brother, Blazer.

  2. rita314 Says:

    Dear Sharon,

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. It gets lonely sometimes being possibly the only dog-blogger on the internet. Your dog Rita is really lucky to have a nice mom like you to save her from that Hurricane. I hope it didn’t damage your house or anything. Yeah, you’re right about my parents, but I still wish they didn’t adopt all those new dogs. Two small barks hello to your Rita and her brother, Blazer.


  3. Two Videos « Rita’s Dog Blog Says:

    […] you have very little idea about me or my life or my brothers and sisters. Yes there is that “about me” post and the “I am Rita the dog” post and there is the one called […]

  4. marco benagli Says:

    I love your blog and I wish to have something like that on the site I am building.
    Would you have time to do some work for me?
    Please check http://www.facedog.com and tell me what you think.
    All the best,
    Marco Benagli.

  5. marco benagli Says:

    I would like to have you as a blogger for my site.
    Would you have some time to check Facedog and tell me what you think.
    Thank you,
    all the best,

  6. Sharon Says:

    Rita —
    Are you feeling okay these days? You haven’t posted in a month… Hope you’re not suffering in the Dog Days of summer.

  7. RitaL319 Says:

    Hello Rita,

    I was image-googling for “red” and I was taken to your site. I happened to notice in your url “rita314” which is really odd because my name is Rita and for most websites I use the user name RitaL319 (319 is my birthday, original, I know).

    Anywho, great blog…you’re one awesome dog 🙂


  8. rita314 Says:

    Hola Marco. Thanks for wanting me to work. One of the really great things about being a dog is I don’t have to work. Mostly I sleep. In between romps with my sibs, that is.


  9. rita314 Says:

    Hi RitaL319. Small world. At least 9 is not 4 or you’d be me! Thanks for the compliment.


  10. Robert Says:

    A delightful Blog Rita

  11. nosleepingdog Says:


    I’m missing you! Will you be back soon?

  12. rita314 Says:

    @nosleepingdog. I will be back very soon!! Thanks for your interest.

  13. Frankie T Wallace Says:

    Oh wow, Rita. I was tooling around on the web and..Kazam! I found you, girlfriend. I’m a young Airedale Terrier, and so proud, you know, about the whole thing. Sounds like you’re living the life with your Person. My Person is the worst. Can I put a link to your blog on mine?
    Frankie (Merrylegs the Airedale Criminal) T Wallace

  14. Doug Says:

    Hi Rita,

    Stumbled onto your blog while helping my daughter with an art homework assignment. I was particularly interested in your site because of the ‘Dog Art’ interest. May I be so indulgent as to commend my brother’s website to you (www.rogerhenry.com).

    I realize I’m biased, but Roger is a portrait artist with a love for and particular focus on dogs as his subjects (a couple of cats and children have also found their way onto some of his canvasses). He’s been commissioned for several portraits in France, the UK, Australia and most recently Hong Kong (as well as throughout the US).

    Please visit his site as I’m sure you’ll find some of his art of interest and keep up the great blog. I notice it’s been awhile since you’ve posted.

    All the best.


  15. Fabulous Fur Friends Says:

    You have awards Rita’s Dog Blog should you choose to accept them. Please see my most recent blog post.

  16. Dennis Bramwell Says:

    Hello Rita the dog, this is Dennis. remember that you kindly allowed me to put your pentagon design on the cover of my subtraction book. When I type in https://rita314.wordpress.com/
    I cannot find you., to thank you. Your design looks fantastic so thank you so much.
    Kind regards Dennis

  17. Dennis Bramwell Says:

    The trouble is Rita the dog,I don’t like talking to a dog, but have it your way.A lot of people want me to change the cover design to something to do with the content of the book,which is subtraction,but for some unknown reason,I just like the design.I have incorporated the Jamaican colours into the design and I just love it.
    Could you please answer a couple of questions 1)Are you a female 2)I live in London,but I was born in Jamaica,where do you live?my guess is the USA.3)I have been married for 46 years,what is your maritial status.4)I am a practicing christian,how about you?
    5) I am 69 years old, but I would never ask you how old you were.

    Oh by the way,it does go to your blog, but you remain a mystery.If anyone who buys the book and love the cover design and want to congratulate you on the design then they end up speaking to a dog!.

  18. Dennis Says:

    hi rita,

    i would like your permission to use your beautiful dog tessellation as the source of my next tattoo.

    would that be ok with you?


    • rita314 Says:

      Well, it is not MY dog tessellation. So, if you feel you really need permission you will have to find the source and ask there. From my point of view, any tattoo you like is just fine.

  19. Dennis Bramwell Says:

    Hi Rita the dog,

    This is very confusing.This is a different Dennis.I am the one who asked you for your pentagon.My book will be published in a couple of weeks.

    Mathematics Dennis

  20. Rita the dog Says:

    Hi Mathematics Dennis, For more about me see https://rita314.wordpress.com/2008/04/13/i-am-rita-the-dog/
    but that was written in 2006. Good luck on your book. If there is any way I can see the cover, that would be nice.

  21. Dennis Bramwell Says:

    Hi Rita,just give me your ordinary email address and I will send the cover to you,

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