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Christ with a cat

July 21, 2012

I happened to mention to  my ma that I now have over 1350 dog art images in my collection.  Many more than my dog life expectancy will ever let me blog here.  She didn’t raise an eyebrow.  Shes knows I’m a hoarder and collect 1000’s of images.  Anyway most are glommed from the net and doubtless violate some copyright, so its just as well.  So, she says “How many cat art pics?”.  Oh my, I hate to admit I have any, but I do, over 300.  Even though there are 4 of us dogs in the household and only 1 cat, my ma is really a cat person.  She spends a couple of hours each day snuggling Louie.

my brother Louie

My brother Louie

Somehow my ma thought only 300 cat-pics meant I was anti-cat.  Not that I’m not, but there are far fewer cat-art pics that dog-art pics.  So she really didn’t have any evidence.  But, feeling a twinge of guilt, I decided to bend all rules and post some cat art on this blog.

And what could be better than Christ with a cat?  Here it is:

Holy Trinity, Long Melford, Suffolk--simon_K--flickr

Christ with a cat

This image came from flickr.  If the owner wants me to take it down, or provide credit  and a link, please let me know.  My only information is:  “Holy Trinity, Long Melford, Suffolk–simon_K–flickr”.  I know that it is a stained glass image.  I can’t say for sure that it is Christ, but maybe — he was a good guy, surely he liked cats.

Your best friend,

Rita the dog [don’t click on video ad, if any, immediately below]