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Some dogs from LIFE

June 6, 2012

LIFE magazine published many photos so inevitably there are some of dogs.  A few of these are featured here.  Maybe some more in a later post.  The first is a really handsome whippet and a really great photo:

Portrait of whippet chosen Best in Show--LIFE--1963--photo by Nina Leen

Portrait of whippet chosen Best in Show–LIFE–1963–photo by Nina Leen

Next we have the gorgeous Brooke Shields and her dog Ginger, back in 1986:

LIFE--Brooke Shields with dog Ginger--March, 1986

LIFE–Brooke Shields with dog Ginger–March, 1986

The next photo shows presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy running with his dog Freckles on an Oregon beach, back in 1968, before — but only a few days before his assassination on June 6, 1968:

Bobby Kennedy and his dog, Freckles, running on an Oregon beach--1968

Bobby Kennedy and his dog, Freckles, running on an Oregon beach–1968

An adjusted version of this photo by Bill Eppridge appeared on the memorial issue of LIFE on June 14, 1968, but I think the one above looks better. You can see the cover version here.

Much earlier President Harry Truman had a dog  named Feller shown in the next image as a puppy on the White house lawn, back in 1948:

President Truman's Dog-Feller--white house lawn--1948-by-Thomas D Mcavoy

President Truman’s Dog-Feller–white house lawn–1948-by-Thomas D Mcavoy

Finally, and this one gives me considerable pause for thought, we provide this stark and prescient image of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba back in 1961:

Guantanamo Bay In Cuba--1961--by Dmitri Kessel

Guantanamo Bay In Cuba–1961–by Dmitri Kessel

May the rest of your day be great.

Rita the dog [ignore video add, if any, immediately below]